Our philosophy at WHITE SUEDE & the DEMKIW Boutique is to offer a new retail  online experience. Inspired by the natural beauty of timeless, classic & modern design.  Always making high quality ready to wear fashion & in limited edition. Always considering our environment and the world we live in. Supporting local Australian talent, Artisans and Ateliers, we  produce only in limited edition, with non-disposable luxury fashion which will have timeless style & quality. A ‘non- throw’ away philosophy.


By supporting our non-disposable designs & buying our “On-Demand” collections, this pre-order system allows our production team to anticipate demand levels. WHITE SUEDE & The DEMKIW Boutique does not support over-production, wastage and producing in excess which in fashion is one of the world’s environmental threats. 
Keeping the heart of our brand about being sustainable and not creating abundant waste, whilst you buy Australian made designer fashion which is created in limited supply.



Our DEMKIW Ready to Wear designs are proudly made in Melbourne Australia, home to our Creative Director, Jacqui Demkiw.  We work with local artisans & ateliers. Our Fabrics are sourced both locally & Internationally,  buying high quality environmentally aware fabrics which often use recycled yarns, we avoid harmful dyes, and companies whom have a sustainability program.Our patterns are digitally printed to ensure we have as limited fabric wastage and we work with Ethical factories.



Our Leather is made in India with sustainable environmental practises for sourcing, producing and are made in limited edition to limit wastage.  Ethical factories with no child labor.
Our high quality leather is sustainably sourced as a “bi-product”only. We use a single touch dye process for our leather which means there is less chemicals put into the environment. Where prefer to use vegetable dyes, but Always use "azo-free" dyes.  We care about what you wear & we care of our environment.  
By producing leather jackets using high quality leather, limited dyes and high quality trims, we  know our customers by and love & wear their jackets for decades. Again, non-disposable & limited edition.



Our business is guided by principles of sustainable business practises, re-cycling and constantly reviewing how we can make our business more sustainable.  We are guided by sustainable production practises and an ethical commitment to human rights.  Responsible sourcing, responsible production, and care with how our business is part of this fashion world.
We are committed to beautiful, timeless, high quality fashion. We love artisan crafted limited edition products and we support the movement towards reducing fashion waste by over-supply.