THE INTERVIEW: Founder + Creative, Jacqui DEMKIW shares her evolution of WHITE SUEDE & her Australian Designer Collection - DEMKIW {Pronounced DEM-Q} after her surname.


Why did you decide to Create WHITE SUEDE + DEMKIW?


White Suede was born from a desire to create collection pieces which were Beautiful, Modern, Timeless & Intelligently designed & curated for Women. 
Today WHITE SUEDE remains in the marketplace as this same statement of:
Quality, Luxury, Timeless, & Modern Clothing and still creates Affordable Luxurious Leather Designs - which Women all over the World have always known and loved. 
Her "New Vision" of Ready to Wear for the WHITE SUEDE brand's Collections and after many life changing events resulted in the addition of DEMKIW Ready To Wear.  Eponymously named after her surname DEMKIW {pronounced Dem-Q}.
Over the last 20 years being available at the best boutiques in the world and now EXCLUSIVE to their online home.  WHITE SUEDE began with a desire to continue to empower women with a balance between timeless appeal & quality made craftsmanship. I wanted to design collections that would make women feel comfortable in their everyday life, and to wear them with confidence and ease. 
“ (....) to empower women with a balance between timeless appeal & Quality made craftsmanship, & affordable luxury for everyday life.”
- Jacqui Demkiw { Creative Director & Founder DEMKIW | WHITE SUEDE }


What are the WHITE SUEDE + DEMKIW guidelines?


My designs & collections revolve around empowering women in everyday life, with a sense of well being & strength in herself. The styles worn evoke a women’s feelings of confidence and dressing in timeless quality clothing.
DEMKIW + WHITE SUEDE pieces are designed to be comforting & reassuring, and timeless. Who are these creations intended for? The WHITE SUEDE + DEMKIW woman does not have a specific age & is more about the women who wear the clothing.
It’s about giving her minimal, effortless sophistication. Each piece showcases her personality & adds confidence, classic style and edge. She is able to work them into regular rotation in her wardrobe & loves how they make her feel. Whether it's for a business meeting or a weekend brunch or a dinner date.


What about DESIGN Ethics & Sustainability?


The Heart of WHITE SUEDE  is about sustainable, limited edition, non-disposable, timeless fashion. We are a brand whose ethical practises don’t create abundant waste. With the exception of leather, all DEMKIW designs are Made in Australia.

WHITE SUEDE has an incredible history with WHITE SUEDE Leather, & Women All over the World have loved their leather pieces for over 15 years.
"We are leather experts, our leather is ultra soft, the highest quality & we are committed to only ethically sourced leather,
We only source leather as a bi-product of the food industry.
We specially use a single touch dye process - mostly vegetable dyes & “Azo Free” [means free from non-harmful chemicals]"
....... staying true to DEMKIW’S environmental commitment.


Our Ready to Wear DEMKIW Collection proudly made in Australia,
is crafted with the highest quality, high performance fabrics to support our commitment to long life fashion.
We love sourcing and working with recycled + natural fibres & fabrics. We have also just transitioned all our garments fusing and linings
to be made with products made from re-cycled water bottles.
We carefully fit each piece & we are artisans who create limited edition affordable luxury...... 
“ We produce in limited edition,
& create non-disposable,
luxurious fashion which is timeless & affordable.
A buildable wardrobe - empowering women’s confidence & a feel good philosophy.” ....... JACQUI DEMKIW
Jacqui Demkiw's career of over 20 years, including London Fashion Week and her earliest days designing for Kookai at the young age of 21 and developing their manufacturing here in Australia.
Drawing inspiration from her attitude to always dress women to empower them to feel great about themselves.
To be confident and to "be the best version of yourself, working to create powerful, modern, timeless and passionate clothing style for woman of all ages and sizes.


"I am all about helping women to have the tools to create a confident, comfortable and beautiful personal style".
- Jacqui Demkiw {Creative Director & Founder DEMKIW | WHITE SUEDE}


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